Who is Attiegirl?

I was born in Oregon and still here because it is the most beautiful place on Earth! More coffee shops and bookstores than any other state! I even have a Strictly Oregon page where you can find items from Oregon to enjoy!

By having an online webstore, I am able to offer items at a base price with the ability of BULK BUYING. Shipping charges are realistic and orders over $25 ship for free. You can mix and match too! Whether you are buying a single sewing pattern or multiple items, I will always use the most efficient shipping method available for your items depending on weight, size of box and destination.

Be sure to check out my other website where I offer strictly books including craft books, music books, adult and children's books and collectible magazines.

Payment will be through PAYPAL, Money Order or Personal Check. I will work with any buyer and do everything in my power to make you a happy, satisfied, REPEAT customer! Next day shipping too! I stand behind what I sell and guarantee the buyer will be happy with their purchase!

A special thanks to my repeat customers for continuing to make this venture fun. Check back often! New things are coming!

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