Who is Attiegirl?

I was born in Oregon and stay here because of the beauty and the wealth of activities. More coffee shops and bookstores than any other state. You can drive from the Pacific Ocean to the high desert in one day. Oregon is full of possibilities!s and bookstores than any other state! I even have a Strictly Oregon page where you can find items from Oregon to enjoy!

I have been selling online since 2000. I currently sell under the attiegirl name at Amazon, Etsy and here at my own little store. This little store means that I can offer you a little better price on craft items and slightly more reasonable shipping. The other sites take a cut of every sale which leads to higher prices for craft items in general. Here I can go around that. Orders before shipping over $25 ship for free!

I sell sewing patterns, cross stitch patterns, quilting patterns, beading patterns, plastic canvas patterns, decorative painting project books, eggery patterns...just about every kind of pattern you can imagine. Applique, Crochet, Knitting, more
quilting, iron-ons too, and I always have Barbie or Fashion Doll Patterns - both for Plastic Canvas and Crochet.

Payment methods are easy! Payment through PAYPAL, credit card by phone (503-558-1950), check or money order. Check or money order payments: purchase will be held until the check or money order clears the bank and the item(s) will be
shipped the next working day.